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Aesthetic Record Announces New Evolus Rewards QuickConnect Feature to Simplify Patient Loyalty

Aesthetic Record, an industry-leading cloud based EMR & Practice Management solution, announced today that its customers can now seamless incorporate Evolus Rewards into their AR system with the new QuickConnect feature. Patients enrolled in Evolus Rewards, a program designed to eliminate the typical red tape associated with loyalty programs, can earn an instant $40 savings.

Simplifying the Patient Reward Process

Aesthetic practices are well aware of the benefit loyalty programs, such as those offered by Evolus, provide to patients, but the extra stepspatient getting jeuveau can be difficult to execute when schedules are full, and time is in short supply. Aesthetic injectors are typically booked out for weeks, if not months, in advance, especially during the holiday season, so any opportunity to optimize practice operations is a valuable one.

Among the 3,000 US-based clinics who utilize Aesthetic Record for their EMR & Practice Management software, a large majority are also Evolus customers. The opportunity to streamline patient reward workflows and reduce unnecessary steps for practices, just as Evolus has done for patients, was seen as a business imperative for both companies.

According to AR CGO, Tiphany Hall, PhD, this feature was a necessity. The shared goal for Aesthetic Record and Evolus is to build efficiencies so practices can invite more patients to experience a treatment, earn and redeem rewards.

“Our customers are very smart businesspeople. They recognize the value of offering loyalty discounts without cutting into their own margin, but they also have a substantial workload and are running busy practices. They shouldn’t have to choose between staying on time or offering rewards. Our combined platforms should make it easy to do both, and QuickConnect now closes that gap.”

QuickConnect & Your Practice

QuickConnect is available now for customers on the Aesthetic Record iOS app where practitioners can check-in, chart, and checkout from a single device. With this new enhancement, Evolus Rewards can be accessed directly from the point-of-sale terminal anytime a qualifying treatment is performed. With any valid reward, the $40 savings is instantly applied with one click, eliminating multiple steps and improving accuracy.

Additional value comes from AR’s Business Insights platform where Evolus Rewards and transaction-level information is aggregated to provide real-time reporting. Practices can track discounts awarded and patient treatment behavior directly tied to the instant savings offer. With this information, administrators can measure the overall impact on patient spend, frequency of return, and long-term retention. When combined, QuickConnect is valuable resource to help practices reduce administrative time, improve visibility, and focus more on their most important role, creating memorable patient experiences and delivering optimal treatment outcomes.

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