Dr. Emma Explains The Benefits of Concierge Medicine and the Importance of Having and Medical Crash Cart in Your Clinic

We are excited to announce that Season 1 of the Aesthetic Record TV is complete! We have had the pleasure of meeting with brilliant entrepreneurs within the Aesthetic space from a variety of companies with an impressive list of products. We wrapped up our final episode with a newly established brand whose personal injector cash cart caught the eyes of her colleagues and grew to be loved my many injectors around the US. We enjoyed taking a little extra time in this episode to connect with Dr. Emma!

Joining us is Doctor of Nursing Practic & Nurse Practitioner and Founder of Moxie Aura Aesthetics and Wellness, Emma T. Christiani-Nguyen, BSN, MSN, RN, DNP, FNP-BC. Moxie Aura (pronounced “Mox-i Or-a”) is a concierge level service that offers both medical injectable procedures and treatments that support the health and well-being of the mind, body, and soul. Dr. Emma integrates functional medicine with aesthetics to empower her patients to live better and make the best health decisions. It is because of this that she encourages her patients to take a slow and steady approach when seeking non-invasive cosmetic procedures. Dr. Emma believes that inspiring beauty involves appreciating the beauty marks of graceful aging (i.e.  wrinkles). This is why Moxie Aura is known for its desire to promote a refreshed, lifted, and softer version of yourself.

What is Concierge Medicine and Why Is It a Good Option for Patients and Providers?

A native English and Spanish speaker, Dr. Emma transitioned out of a traditional medical clinic after her children moved away from home. She was eager to take a break after many years of schooling and working at a major military hospital. Early retirement didn’t last very long! Concierge medicine allowed Dr. Emma to be creative, artistic, and, most importantly, take command of her time.

Concierge medicine, also called retainer-based, boutique, or direct primary care medicine, is a relationship between a patient, a physician, and, sometimes, a third-party health care provider. The health care provider charges a monthly “retainer” fee for services. Often, in Aesthetics, this is accomplished through Membership Programs or other patient loyalty options. The business model is usually low volume, high margin, opting to maximize the value of every patient encounter.

How Does the Emergency Kit Function as a Medical Crash Cart for Aesthetic Providers?

Coming from a critical care background in a high-pressure military hospital, Dr. Emma wanted to approach aesthetic medicine with many of the same pressure-tested protocols used in a healthcare facility. One of the tools of the medical trade is a medical crash cart, also known as a code cart which contains supplies necessary to treat patients in an emergency situation. The “crash carts” are usually mobile trolleys used to dispense emergency medication, treat adverse reactions, or to deliver life preserving protocols. By being a concierge service, rolling around a trolley to each appointment was not feasible. Unable to find a portable “aesthetic crash cart,” Dr. Emma used her inventive spirit and created her own!

The Emergency Kit is a portable and relatively light emergency kit that comes in two colors, turquoise blue and magenta, both of which can be customized with your practice’s logo. At times we may freeze up during and unforeseen emergency situation, but Dr. Emma’s crash cart contains everything you need to take action. The Emergency Kit is an injectors supply line that includes tools and protocols to help you immediately handle almost any emergency situation.

Some of the items included are:

  1. PPE
  2. CPR Mask
  3. Wound Care Items
  4. First Aid Kit
  5. Pen Light for Visual Acuity
  6. Trauma Shears
  7. Hemostat
  8. Medical Drape Sheet
  9. Notes for where to store additional medical supplies (such as Valacyclovir®, Neosporin®, Epinephrine, saline, Benadryl®, etc.)
  10. Emergency and Elective Reversal Protocols (written by Aesthetic Trainer, Dr. H. Timberlake “Tim” Pierce, MD, FACS)
  11. Reminders (such as locating Hylenex® in the refrigerator to dissolve HA injections or performing and documenting your objective and full strength assessments)

Preparation is key. In addition to your kit, Dr. Emma recommends partnering with a local ophthalmologist that offers 24/7 emergency care to patients with occlusions. She encourages you to get two phone numbers that can be used to contact the physician and to make notes of any information they many need from the patient. Keep two copies of this information in your kit, so it’s always handy for you and your patient.

Lastly, make sure to review your Emergency Kit frequently to replace any used and/or expired items. Include a review of the kit during orientation for all of your staff, so they know where to find it and how to navigate it in case an emergency situation arises.

Watch the Full-Length interview below to learn more about Dr. Emma, her inspiration behind the name Moxie Aura, and how she designed her Emergency Kit as a crash cart for aesthetic providers. To purchase your customized Emergency Kit, email Dr. Emma at doc@moxieaura.com or DM her on the @MoxieAura Instagram!

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