Transitioning from Paper to EMR Systems

The Medical Aesthetic Software Revolution

Since the 2011 passage of Obama’s HITECH Bill, the transition out of paper & into EMR jumped out of a mid-level position on American practitioner’s “to-do lists”. It suddenly became a legal and pressing necessity. These expectations have brought the issue to the front door of medical spas as well.

As of May 2018, the GDPR has also instituted new regulations, recognizing the need to encrypt patient data and protect the privacy of personal health information. A blessing and a curse to aesthetic practitioners.

On the upside, there’s an incredible benefit to medical spas that opt for a well-rounded program. On the other hand, it can take a little digging.

Remember this, compliance is built into a good platform. Many systems are quite capable of providing medical facilities with their basic record keeping needs. Aesthetics, however, is a different animal entirely, software for our industry needs to go a step further.

The elective nature of aesthetics means that clients have a unique set of expectations. People have an unparalleled ability to shop around for the practitioner of their choice. We see many Aesthetic practices hurt by their own unwillingness to research and implement a specialized EMR system that takes this into account.

Aesthetic Record New Client Profile

Aesthetic Record has proven to be a leader in the industry because we chose to move above and beyond expectations. We started by working with our practitioners to create the vision for a seamless client experience. From there, we dove in and built our EMR from the ground up.

Today we are the only medical spa software designed by practitioners, for practitioners.

Our newly launched platform flows intuitively through each visit. We elevate your practice by tracking client consents, recording individual goals, and offering the first platform-integrated cosmetic timeline. You get instant access to HD before and after photography and, most importantly, so do your clients.

An Easy Transition from paper to EMR was actually the goal behind Aesthetic Record

We found that the easiest way to save medical spas time was to incorporate Best Practices into every step of the client experience. To do this, our practitioners needed an application that intuitively traces the client/practitioner interaction from ALL aspects, including, interpersonal relationships, compliance, and costs.

Dashboard for Aesthitic EMR

When you find the right EMR system busywork is done for you– and less paperwork allows for more interaction with your clients. You can take the time you need to understand each individual and their personal goals. This helps to identify potential problem behaviors, earn repeat visits, and create a loyal following.

With intuitive technology marketing and sales are integrated into each visit as you and your client study problem areas and create real-time solutions.

We’ve also seen an unexpected level of excitement around our guided photography application. Unlike many before and after photos clients see online, their personal cosmetic timeline cannot be “doctored.” Trust in their results builds unprecedented confidence in your image-conscious clientele.

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Perks of Our Medical Aesthetic Software:

Mobile Treatment-to-POS Application

Your medspa specials, Botox parties, and daily sales get quick and easy payment approval. No more jotting down notes or swapping programs!

Tractable User Settings

Grant temporary or permanent access to patient treatment histories and other privileged information.

Transparent User Activity

Easily track employee activity down to the moment, monitor audits, scheduling and individual sales at a glance.

Integrated Cosmetic Timeline

A progressive and easily accessible photography record that includes before and after pictures of each client for each treatment. Along with an integrated visual system that records lot numbers, injection sites, and product volumes during each visit.

These are just a few of the features that discern Medical Spa Software EHR systems from those designed without industry-specific knowledge.

Grab a few extra tips to guide your practice through the initial transition process.

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