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Yes, we all get junk mail, we also get mail that we junk even if there’s a part of us that actually likes the sender’s company and wants to read it! The problem is that it’s impossible for anyone to keep up anymore.

Eventually, what started out as a promising relationship can begin to feel like an invasion because we are overwhelmed with businesses hunting for clientele. Mass emailing is still the foundation for thousands of marketing plans.

 A compelling email campaign today is a different animal then it was even a year ago, today’s campaigns need to be either irresistible or engrossing.

It’s a combination of art and simple mathematics coupled with chance. It sounds a bit discouraging, but in reality, you just need to skip over some of the current theory and focus on a few marketing rules.

Give your Botox clients a personal touch

1. Always Personalize

No one wants to feel like they are reading a stock email. Every message you send should include, at minimum, a first name in the subject line. Most email programs can do this for you, so if it isn’t currently part of your process integrate as soon as possible.

2. Sort Your Contacts

Track where your clients are in their transition process. An email to a long-standing client should read differently than one to a client that has just tried your services for the first time.

Even the same promotional prices need separate introductions based on the stage of your relationship and their familiarity with your treatments. Using your client’s current Brilliant Distinctions or Aspire points for additional motivation is another simple way to personalize these campaigns.

Create urgency in your business's aesthetic email campaign

3. Create Urgency

Always include a timeline in your promotions, specials should have relatively short lifespans 2-3 weeks is ideal. Also, avoid the temptation to send out too many reminders, two a week is more than enough and that can be pushing it with some clients.

Spam has Become a Relative Term!

There are a million theories out there and as many people who want to provide you with their email service. Don’t fall victim to a mass email disaster.

Remember that your clientele is unique and you won’t always get a second run at their email box.

Focus attention on growing your social media campaigns and displaying great work, emails are just one small part of a good marketing plan.


Aesthetic Record’s EMR platform offers a marketing suite to help you master your plan, we’re here to give you the tools you need to kill it on your next campaign!







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