Never Forget Another Client Consent With Aesthetic Record

     The Aesthetic Business can give you some hectic days. Setting up a secure process for  client permissions and questionnaires can quickly become the bane of your med spa!

Paper forms that have been the norm for decades are not only non-compliant they are messy and easily forgotten when days get chaotic. That’s why Aesthetic Record made these forms an unavoidable part of each procedure.

Botox business consent forms

  Providers are prompted during client preparation and unfinished forms can’t be overlooked, for instance, the procedure above is missing its Questionnaire.

Finding the right form is as easy as scrolling through the options…

Questionnaire for botox business set up

Once the Consent and Questionnaire are complete, providers can move to the next step in their client’s treatment

Aesthetic Record Permissions for you medical spa

Notice both Client Forms are complete and now appear within the cosmetic timeline


Aesthetic Record is staffed with industry experts ready to help you nail down a seamless appointment process.

We’re excited to get to know you and your business!




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