The Aesthetic industry is experiencing hyper-growth and a period of rapid change. For many of us, that means we are in a constant battle to maintain our market share and our margins. Building a practice is hard. I mean, it’s tough.  It can be a lonely island, and we are all stuck in a sea of never-ending priorities. You may find yourself wondering where the original fun and adventure of owning your own business has gone. If someone would have warned us how hard building and running a company would be, how many of us would have thought twice about sitting this one out?

Ready for Easy Medical Inventory Management?

Inventory Integration is here! Your entire product line at a glance.

  • Low Inventory Alerts are auto-generated, even have a message sent directly to your rep
  • Automatic Inventory Control subtracts each product used after every treatment
  • Beyond Industry Standard, pre-populated inventory of over 25,000+ products
  • Inventory Management allows quick addition of new products and categories
  • Add and Schedule your new equipment

Aah, the fallibility of human memory...Studies have shown that within days of a treatment clients will quite literally forget what they looked like before an injection.

  I know I've been guilty of this, I've also been accused of raving about the phenomenon. Since we tend to talk so often about our aesthetic software and the absolute necessity of a good cosmetic timeline, we thought it prudent that you to hear an actual client weigh in on its impact...  

Aesthetic Record Software white glove service

We’re excited to share the following feedback from a patient who recently experienced the Aesthetic Record White Glove Treatment for the very first time.