Post-Treatment Beauty Tools from Contours Rx® That You Can Send Home With Your Patients

More and more patients are desiring easy at-home solutions to supplement their in-office sessions. These easily available tools are a way that many can maintain their treatments until their next appointment. We know that many at-home beauty devices claim to offer face-lifting. However, microcurrent technologies, acne-clearing LED treatments, cheekbone-defining jade rollers, and skin-tightening dermarollers don’t deliver the same quality of results as their clinical options. We can’t deny that the push for at-home alternatives is gaining wind. These trendy tools and accessories are all over your instagram feed and the subject of countless targeted ads. Knowing that your patients are on the hunt for convenient and affordable options, why not recommend a selection of medical-grade tools that both fulfill their needs and provide supplemental revenue for your practice? Recently, we talked with a leading beauty brand that develops simple-to-use, non-surgical tools that deliver an instant youthful look!

Joining us on a recent episode of Aesthetic Record TV is Britain Todd, Founder and Developer of the award winning Contours Rx® brand of products. Britain is a firm believer that neither age nor genetics should dictate how anyone looks and feels. She has created a buzz within the beauty industry by integrating her safe and simple-to-use surgical alternatives into a multitude of practices in optometry, plastic surgery, and medical spas. Contours Rx® transforms appearances instantly and non-invasively with their line of products catered towards lifting and treating aging eyes. The most popular beauty tool in the lineup is LIDS BY DESIGN® Eyelid Correcting Strips. This non-surgical alternative to a blepharoplasty, aka eyelid surgery, is an innovative “push-up bra for the eyes.”

What is Contours Rx?

Britain’s inspiration for developing Contours Rx® came from her personal experiences with the loss of collagen and elasticity around her heavily hooded eyelids. She often received comments about how tired she looked and was even asked if she had a little too much to drink the night before! As she got older, Britain developed an asymmetry that further diminished her confidence. After consulting with physicians and researching non-surgical alternatives to lift her eyes, she quickly realized that she only had two options: to either live with heavy lids or surgically remove them. Neither of which were appealing. Fast forward years later, and Contours Rx® is the #1 brand of non-surgical cosmetics that improve the look and feel of the skin, particularly around the eyes.

How Can LIDS BY DESIGN® Help During My Consults?

Britain developed LIDS BY DESIGN® using the highest quality medical grade, hypoallergenic, organic, and latex-free materials to ensure that it was safe to use on every eyelid, skin type, and ethnicity. Made with surgeons in mind, this dermatology-tested line of eyelid correcting strips mimics the shape and size of corrections made during surgery. These strips have been used by many ophthalmologists and physicians, like Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Paul Nassif, during their patient consultations as a tool to demonstrate several eyelid lift options. For the first time ever, patients are now able to visualize post-surgical result before going under the knife. Patients can also opt to purchase their preferred size and fit, remaining surgery-free, like Britain chose to do.

What Other Beauty Tools Can I Offer My Patients?

Britain is always looking for ways to restore patient confidence and renew the look of aging eyes. Because the eyes are naturally the first thing you notice about a person, Contours Rx® will continue to focus on “putting your best eyes forward”. For this reason, they have developed an amazing lineup of products that achieve this goal safely and instantly:

  1. B5 Eyelid Prep Pads—These individually packaged pads are saturated with vitamin B5 and coco-glucosides to gently remove dirt and oils, exfoliate dead skin cells, and moisturize the delicate eye area. They are a great way to prepare the skin for LIDS BY DESIGN® eyelid correcting strips!
  2. Microcrystal Patches—Formulated with hundreds of dissolvable needle-like crystals that deliver the perfect amount of hyaluronic acid and hexapeptides, these patches help treat wrinkles, hydrate the skin, increase collagen, and improve elasticity in-between microneedling sessions!
  3. COLORSET All-In-One Pencil—This luxurious, cream-based formula wraps your skin in coco-glycerides to eliminate dryness and diminish the appearance of uneven skin tones. The COLORSET is multifaceted and can be used to contour and highlight the face, brighten under eye circles, and serve as a primer for makeup and LIDS BY DESIGN® eyelid correcting strips!
  4. Dermal Blade—This portable beauty tool is a great way to keep unwanted hair off your upper lip, chin, cheek, brows, and nape! It’s also a great alternative to those with sensitive skin or darker complexions who may not be able to achieve desirable results from waxing and/or laser hair removal.
  5. Precision Tweezers—Made with German stainless steel, these precision needle-nose tweezers are baked with no-chip acrylic plating. Whether you constantly move them from the bathroom counter to your purse or need to autoclave them in between patients, these tweezers truly stand the test of time.
  6. Neck Rescue—Designed with Skin-Like Technology, this wearable non-surgical correcting strip instantly tucks away loose neck skin, taking years off your appearance!
  7. Crystal Compact Mirror and Cosmetic Bag—This accessories are perfect companions to any of the Contours Rx® products!

Watch the full-length interview below to learn how more about Contours Rx® and what future technologies will be made available that help restore your patient’s natural confidence. Take advantage of special wholesale prices by shopping the full Contours Rx® collection in the Aesthetic Record Marketplace.

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