Show Your Clients the Cosmetic Timeline They’ve Been Looking For

Aah, the fallibility of human memory…Studies have shown that within days of a treatment clients will quite literally forget what they looked like before an injection.

I know I’ve been guilty of this, I’ve also been accused of raving about the phenomenon. Since we tend to talk so often about our aesthetic software and the absolute necessity of a good cosmetic timeline, we thought it prudent that you to hear an actual client weigh in on its impact…

Aesthetic Record Software white glove service

We’re excited to share the following feedback from a patient who recently experienced the Aesthetic Record White Glove Treatment for the very first time.

This message was sent to us from an East Coast Medical Spa that chose to implement Aesthetic Record in their practice.

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One of our clients had been searching for the right Medical Spa for years!

She confessed that she never truly saw the results that her friends and relatives noticed with her treatments. She had also never seen her own cosmetic timeline.

It was like a light bulb moment for her”, said her provider. “She’d been bouncing around to different spas, and I really don’t think she had any concept of what she’d actually accomplished! It was unforgettable.

She was already in a good place when she arrived because she was able to take care of her appointment busywork & scheduling from the comfort of her sofa. She immediately mentioned to reception  that she hated the impersonal process of completing duplicate forms in the lobbies of other clinics.  With us, she confirmed her medical history, completed her questionnaires and viewed pre and post treatment instructions within minutes through her private patient portal. She felt that this also allowed extra time for the visit and it made her feel at home when she arrived. 


“When I sat down for my treatment my provider already had all of the pictures from my prior visits pulled up on her iPad. She pointed out that the under eye filler I’d gotten last time was still looking good even though I was feeling like it was time for a fresh injection.

Seeing my before and after pictures from a few months ago was really incredible, I finally saw the differences that everyone else in my life seemed to notice. My provider had also noted in my profile that I’d been thinking about trying Microneedling, and suggested we try that for some of the lines that were bothering me instead”

Aesthetic Record Software Cosmetic Timeline


Nothing compares to a personalized visit with the ability to look over an accurate cosmetic timeline with your clients. It gives you instant and unrivaled credibility, it also keeps your clients coming back for more.

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A Final Tip

Be sure to get consent to use any before & after pictures whenever possible. They will work for you long into the future as you begin to display your portfolio on Facebook and Instagram

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