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Put Your Aesthetic Record Business Insights to Work with Facebook Lookalike Audiences

It’s been a full year since the last time we enjoyed the revenue-inducing chaos of the 4th quarter, and to be honest, does 2020 even count as a “normal” year? It is hard to benchmark off the actions we took post-lockdown, but we do know the industry is growing by leaps and bounds, and it will take more from your practice to stand out.

One of the biggest opportunities to scale your reach quickly is through digital marketing channels. The most logical choices are Facebook and Instagram! Thanks to the Facebook Business Suite, you can combine the power of both platforms into a single ad manager, saving you both time and effort to get your content in the hands of the right people. But how can you leverage this powerful tool with the data set you already own?

How Can I Use Aesthetic Record’s Business Insights to Maximize My Campaigns?

Facebook has an easy -to-use tool called Lookalike Audiences that is designed to help your ads reach the people who most resemble your existing patient base. It’s like finding a whole group of people who share the same qualities, preferences, and attributes as your most valuable patrons. Frankly, it’s marketing gold, and you’ve got the power to harness it from inside your Aesthetic Record system. Check out our recommendations for how to maximize your AR patient list to make the most of this tool:

Use Business Insights Reports to Find Your Most Valuable Audience

#1 Top 20% Report

This one is easy! You can use the Top 20% Report to mine the set of patients who spend the most at your practice. This report is based on revenue alone, so you can be certain this data set will isolate those who you most want to mimic when thinking about increasing total spend per patient.

#2 Expected MRR This Month

This is a great report to find those who are most loyal. These patients have taken the step to join your membership program, so they represent your “frequent flyers” and could provide insights for finding others just like them!

#3 Patients Who Have Spent $X in Y Months

While the Top 20% Report looks at spend across a specific period by stack ranking patients, you can also set a target and only includes those who make the cut. If you are launching a high-ticket procedure, you may want to drill down to those who have spent similar amounts in the last 6 months, for instance.

Use Your Patient List to Set Geofencing Targets

#1 Geo-target with Patient List

You can perform a simple export of your overall patient list to drill down to certain cities. This is a great idea if you have multiple locations but prefer to run an ad in only one practice. Click the “+” button on the patient list, and define your fields, then export as a CSV.

#2 Use Your Entire Patient List

Every patient in your practice is valuable, so you can include them all! Export the whole list, and you’ve got a good starting point for building a winning lookalike audience! Be sure to include the columns you need like phone, email, city and state to help Facebook match them to users.

How Do I Actually Build My Audience Inside of Facebook Business Suite?

Facebook has made it very easy to take advantage of custom audiences. There’s a specific area labeled “Audiences,” and it’s here where you can auto-generate audiences based on current followers or pre-defined fields such as demographic information, specific interests, location, etc. However, if you want to be more specific and take a “big data” approach to things, a custom audience is a much better bet. Once thing to keep in mind is the more people who are on your list, the better. It helps the algorithm to understand your needs more effectively with a bigger sample size.

You’ll see a list of columns you need to fulfill to give Facebook the best chance at success- things like name, phone & email are critical. With that information, Facebook can match your patient list to its users across both Facebook and Instagram & funnel all those insights into creating the right audience for you! All you need is a .CSV or .TXT file, and you can upload it, and go to work.

What about HIPAA? Is this an issue?

The good news is, uploading a list of names to generate an audience is not posting, sharing or identifying patient information. HIPAA defines very specific rules when using Social Media, and they are all centered around the public nature of breaching confidentiality without consent to do so. In this case, there is no privacy breach. Facebook is simply building a potential audience from your sample. The company has taken serious measures to ensure your patient list is safe. They use a hashing system to keep your uploaded data secure and protect it against unauthorized use.

Final Thoughts

Creating a winning audience for your Facebook & Instagram ads may seem like a task reserved for the SEO gurus and social engineers. But, with the right data set, it can be a very simple task for you to execute. To be as intentional as possible, leverage tools like Aesthetic Record to select the patients who most resemble your expected audience. If you’ve done a relatively good (or great!) job with the ad, the copy, and the call to action, taking this extra step can have a big impact on your cost per conversion and help you achieve success beyond vanity metrics like reach and impressions. Ads are not free, and one of the key metrics in measuring success is the cost per click and/or cost per acquisition– what did it cost you to convert a lead? Every penny you spend has a better chance at a greater return with a few simple actions up front. If you would like more information on how to make AR’s Business Insights work for you, let us know at or DM us on Instagram or Facebook. Visit to learn the ins and

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